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At Langley Park Primary School, we adopt a positive approach to behaviour management.

We promote mutual respect and co-operation between all members of the school and seek a calm, working atmosphere so that children feel emotionally safe, can concentrate, and can maximise time spent learning and achieving.

All pupils are aware of our school values and all adults seek to find opportunities to praise children for demonstrating these.

Core values for Langley park primary schooL

  • Respect
  • Passion
  • Empathy
  • Perseverance
  • Reflection
  • Unity
  • Wonder

The values are discussed and explained in assemblies each term and displayed prominently around the school and in the playground.

We recognise that children who feel calm, happy and safe are in a very good position to make positive behaviour choices and feel ready to learn. In all aspects of our school day, we aim to provide children opportunities to identify how they are feeling so that they can self-regulate their emotions and feel in control of their choices. 

One way we teach children to do this is through using the Zones of Regulation. There are four zones the children learn about: our feelings and states determine which zone we fall into. For more detail on the zones of regulation and how they work, please click here.

For further details on our behaviour policy, please click here.

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