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Staff List

Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs S Kluzek
Deputy Head Teacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L Sonnenberg

Mrs P Browne 


Teaching Staff

EYFS Phase Leader & Reception Class Teacher (Puffins) Mrs E Murray
Reception Class Teacher (Robins)         

Mrs A Noble

 Year 1 Class Teacher (Hummingbirds)    Mrs M McNamara
 Year 1 Class Teacher (Nightingales)   Miss B Grover
KS1 Phase Leader & Year 2 Class Teacher (Kingfishers) Miss N Wickenden
Year 2 Class Teacher (Herons) Mr H Parry
Year 3 Class Teacher (Wrens)    Mrs S Balfour
Year 3 Class Teacher (Starlings)               Miss C Clinton
Year 4 Class Teacher (Swans)

Miss D Crosbie (Mon & Fri)

Mrs S Aikman (Tues - Thurs)

Year 4 Class Teacher (Doves)

Ms D Royal

Year 5 Class Teacher (Toucans)

Miss A Allen

Year 5 Class Teacher (Parakeets)

Miss A Mabelson

Year 6 Class Teacher (Eagles)

Miss R Mole

KS2 Phase leader & Year 6 Class Teacher (Falcons) Mrs C Foster

Mrs L Marrison

Family liasion worker and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs J Francis


Professional Support Staff

Teaching Assistant (Reception) Mrs A Webb
Teaching Assistant (Reception) Miss K Bissell
Teaching Assistant (Year 1) Mrs K Pitblado
Teaching Assistant (Year 1) Miss C Utting
Teaching Assistant (Year 2)     Mrs S Carter (Wed- Fri) Mrs A Lacey (Mon-Wed)
Teaching Assistant (Year 2)     Mrs M Obara
Teaching Assistant (Year 3)     Mrs A Lacey (Wed-Fri) Mrs J Hickson (Mon-Wed)
Teaching Assistant (Year 4)     Mrs J Mason
Teaching Assistant (Year 5) Mrs R Woolterton
Teaching Assistant (Year 6) Mrs M Hukerikar
Higher level Teaching Assistant Mrs H Michael
Learning Support Assistant Mrs P Parham
Learning Support Assistant Mrs M Tucker
Learning Support Assistant Miss M Neil
Learning Support Assistant Mrs A Hales
Learning Support Assistant Miss D Edwards
Midday Supervisor

Mrs S Hutson Bence

Midday Supervisor  Miss S Theodorou
Midday Supervisor

Mrs C De Silva

Midday Supervisor

Mrs S Gayle

Midday Supervisor Mrs S Taylor
Midday Supervisor Mrs K Iandoli
Midday Supervisor

Mrs K Jones

Midday Supervisor Mrs L Young
Midday Supervisor Miss M Neil


Trust Site Manager Mr S Robertson
School Business Manager Mrs J Hawker
Admin Officer Mrs D Cullen
Receptionist / Admin Assistant Miss S Howlett


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